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Hormonal reorganization at women. What it is useful for woman to eat 40 years are more senior?

After 40 flyings in an organism of women hormonal reorganization which is not any illness begins. Just at middle-aged women the amount of progesterone and estrogen - the main women's hormones gradually decreases. It also involves various unpleasant changes not only in a state of health at women, but also in its outward.

Unimportant health during a menstrual cycle, hypostases, causeless tears, irritability, sensitivity, pessimism, perspiration, heat inflow, increased fatigue - all this consequence of an imbalance of hormones in a female organism. The lack of estrogen by all means attracts aging of all organism that leads to emergence of wrinkles on skin, to decrease in its elasticity, emergence of a nevus pigmentosus and losses of an accurate face form. Skin becomes dim and sluggish, and at many women the strengthened hair loss begins. Besides, practically all women during hormonal reorganization begin to gain promptly weight and notice emergence of cellulitis.

Unfortunately, not all women have an opportunity to suspend natural process of aging and to prevent decrease in hormones by means of cosmetologists, doctors and plastic surgeons. Most of women accept hormonal reorganization as inevitable process against which to fight they in forces. But you should not worry because of it, all processes of hormonal aging of an organism can be delayed also by means of healthy nutrition.

After 40 flyings at a food allowance of each woman there have to be products rich with phytoestrogen and natural estrogenopodobny substances. They have the same effect, as well as natural women's hormones which are produced in an organism. Treat such products:

1. Soy cottage cheese - tofu. By scientists it is proved that using once a week 100 grams of soy cottage cheese - tofu it is possible to delay approach of a menopause for several years. Soy is rich with isoflavonoids which normalize estrogen level in an organism. Besides, soy strengthens a bone tissue and prevents development of malignant new growths. But the favourite of Japanese cuisine - soy, causes many disputes in domestic nutritionists. Special health hazard is constituted, in their opinion, by genetically modified soy from which there is more harm, than advantage. Alternative of soy are all bean - peas, haricot and lentil. All of them contain phytoestrogen which helps to reduce unpleasant manifestations of a hormonal imbalance.

2. Low-fat meat. Fast beef, rabbit flesh, veal, chicken light meat, a turkey and other types of low-fat meat promote increase in production of estrogen.

Meat is rich with the zinc and vitamins of group B necessary for regulation of hormonal balance. The lack of zinc can lead to infertility, and deficit of B6 vitamin to a hormonal imbalance and as a result, to mental disorders.

An important role in production of estrogen is played by fats therefore too it is not necessary to be fond during hormonal reorganization of rigid diets. But, obesity and the increased level of estrogen after 40 flyings, are not less dangerous to a female organism. It can lead to a mastopathy and breast cancer. Not to allow their development, exclude from food sausages, fat, pork, meat of a duck and goose, pastes and other fat products. Butter and fat grades of cheese need to be used at this age in insignificant quantities.

3. Fish and seafood. The most useful product for normalization of a hormonal imbalance are oysters. They strengthen a sexual inclination and help to endure a menopause without unpleasant feelings. Oysters are rich with zinc and selenium - elements, irreplaceable for maintenance of hormonal balance. Selenium also contains in the fresh fish rich with Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Surely include in the menu of food two times a week 150 gr. fish or other seafood to normalize functioning of ovaries where women's hormones are produced.

4. Antioxidants. A large amount of antioxidants - substances which are neutralized by free radicals has to is more senior 40 years to be present at the menu of women and prevent destructive processes. The most known antioxidants - vitamin C, E and A. There is a lot of vitamin C in a citrus, blackcurrant, raspberry, wild strawberry, paprika, a dogrose and broccoli. To enrich an organism with vitamin E lean on the nuts, sunflower seeds which sprouted grains of wheat and vegetable oils. Or vitamin A is a lot of carotene in carrots, a sea-buckthorn, a citrus, paprika, a liver, butter and eggs.

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